Focus | Pipeline

We are presently using the STAR-D platform to develop treatments for rare, orphan skin diseases caused by the absence of, or a mutation in, a single gene. In addition to this work, we are currently leveraging our platform to expand our pipeline to include additional dermatological indications.


Product Indication Discovery Preclinical Phase I/II Phase III Marketed
KB103¤Δ§ Dystrophic EB
KB105¤ TGM1-deficient ARCI
KB301/KB302 Aesthetic Skin Conditions

KB104 Netherton Syndrome
KB107 Junctional EB
KB5xx Chronic Skin Diseases
†: FDA Orphan Drug Designation;
¤: FDA Rare Pediatric Disease Designation.
•: Fast-track Designation;
Δ: FDA RMAT designation;
‡: EMA Orphan Drug Designation;
§: EMA PRIME Designation.
12 months