STAR-D Gene Therapy

STAR-D Gene Therapy Platform

We have developed a proprietary gene therapy platform, the Skin TARgeted Delivery platform, or STAR-D, that consists of an engineered HSV-1 vector and skin optimized gene transfer technology, suitable for introducing into the patient one or more therapeutic genes relevant to treating skin disease. Multiple patents have been issued covering compositions and/or methods based on this platform (see e.g., US Pat. Nos. 9,877,990 and 10,155,016).

Our modified HSV-1 is a replication-defective, non-integrating viral vector that can efficiently penetrate a broad range of skin cells. Use of our proprietary, modified HSV-1 as a gene therapy platform has a number of distinct advantages over other viral gene therapy vectors, including: 1) it can be administered topically; 2) it transduces dividing and non-dividing cells, increasing the efficiency of therapeutic gene transfer; 3) it is non-replicating and is diluted by cell divisions, leading to transient transgene expression; 4) its high payload capacity can accommodate large or multiple genes; 5) it allows for repeat administration; and 6) it does not insert itself into, or otherwise disrupt, the human genome. The myriad benefits of our engineered vector make the STAR-D platform a suitable choice for direct and repeat delivery of therapeutic genes to the skin.

STAR-D treatment is simple and direct